Re-aligning my perspective

Exactly two years ago, my perspective in life has changed. If there is a best activity that I have been part of in my current job, I will always think of – the Intergenerational Healing Seminar. It has changed me in ways that I couldn’t even imagine.

Before, I was an optimistic person but life happened and I turned into a person who built walls so that people would not see the cracks and pains. So, that no one can say that I am not good enough because I can do it myself. I stopped trusting new people. The full-of-sunshine girl who always thought that everyone has “kindness” in them – changed. I stopped trying to understand everyone. If you’re bad to me then okay… Maybe, you are really just a horrible person. No ifs, buts, and whys. I don’t care about your struggles because I have my own to solve.

Then, Intergen happened. I revisited the child in me. I allowed the little me to take over for a bit. I allowed myself to feel. To understand. To cry. To cry harder. To let go. To cry again and again and again. To trust again. To welcome Him again in my life. To apologize for being so away because I was busy trying to build a career (or what I thought was a career). I allowed myself to be a little kid and just pour my heart out – (and hear this) to strangers. I also learned to listen. Listen to stories of strangers that are now
I consider as my family. There so many stories that were so painful that I started to questioned mine. Na minsan ang arte ko lang pala, hindi naman pala malala yun pinag-iinarte ko. But, what I learned in Intergen is…All pains are valid. And, you should allow yourself to heal. Even if it happened during your childhood, it is still (or [sometimes the] most) important .

I can go on and on and on and there are still times that I go back to zero. But, I believe that I can get through this.

I will never ever stop caring because (sometimes) it might be the only way to change someone’s life.

I wanna share this mantra that I have for myself after the seminar and I hope this can also inspire you.


YOU are (I am)  worthy and good enough.