To the kids who do not get things on their first try

You are probably sick of people telling you that “it’s okay” you can try again another time. You just smile and let them see that you are holding it up but deep inside,
a little part of you died. They say that it does not matter if you get it on the first
or even on the 100th try but I tell you – I do understand how much it hurts when you can’t get it on the first, second, or third.

Everyone means well and tell you to try again, try harder… But, only few of us understand that it hurts. It hurts like hell. That you’d feel so stupid and you’d question yourself every now and then. Until, you start to believe that maybe you really don’t know anything anymore. Then you cry, you hate, you isolate yourself, then you cry again.

Until one day, you’ll get tired of being so weak. You try to stand up again. You try and then fail and then you cry and when you get tired… You try again.

Then finally, you did it.

You were so happy but you miss your old self that you wanted to hug him/her and say
“You did great, old self.”

So, if ever you are the kid who does not get it on the first try. I know, it is not okay. Go cry and pity yourself until you get tired. When you get tired, that is when you stand up again and fight.

No matter how tired you are, fight again. Because, most of the time – the only person who can help yourself is you with a big of help from up above or whoever you are believing into.

You can fall down and take a pause on your journey but never ever give up.

Fight! 🙂


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