Ode to my love

I miss you in every way possible.
I miss how I was never aware of logic and rules.
It was just you and me, unaware of the whole world.
I was so sure of you until people tell me that you
are more than what I think of.
I even shoved you away but every night you keep coming back.
But, I keep pushing you away.
I always tell myself that you can wait and thought that you grew tired.
Until, I was the one who was chasing you.
Then my brain told me that maybe you were not meant for me
but my heart allots a large space for you.
Because eversince, of all the things it was unsure of —
it is very sure of you.
You may not be as perfect as they are but your heart knows
that the thing you keep pushing away is your wholebeing.
It is not your happy place because it is your home.
Maybe, all you need is another try.
Try again.
Because it can wait until there’s nothing left to wait for
just as how you say you can write until there’s nothing left to write for.


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