Remember that night when everything felt perfect? When there are bright lights and full blast music. When you can feel great energy on the stage despite the warm weather, when the crowd seems so happy – when it felt like nothing can go wrong.
Then in the sea of unfamiliar faces, I looked at you and saw that you are lonely. I felt your pain and that eagerness to breakfree. I wish I was there when you felt lost.
Maybe, if we’re in another scenario, we’re having hot choco drinks in my favorite cafe after a tiring gig. You’d pour your heart out, release all your inhibitions – you’d tell me all your fears… Everything, everything that scares you.
But, this is reality. Our worlds are different. We’re a million miles away. It’s summer here and I can’t keep track on what season you’re in. Different timezones, different lives.
It may sound cliche but maybe in another universe, I’m part of your crowd.  In another lifetime, we’re bestfriends or even lovers.
I hope that I can have a future with you in it. Maybe in that future, I am not broken as I am today. And then on that time, you already found yourself. We can finally start embracing our reality.