Intergenerational Healing

“What is intergenerational healing?” The first time I encountered it was when I was trying to choose a HUCAP program offered for the DTI employees. I googled it and I really got curious so I signed up. But, I didn’t make it as first priority. I was really just curious about going back to the past so you can understand yourself more.

Honestly, I wanted to join the program because I thought this is a good way where I can understand the struggles of other people. I want to understand them better. If the things in the past really affects the future… So, I thought this is not about me. The moment I learned that I was part of this program, I wanted to back out because I thought I wanted the Yoga program better (I’ve always wanted to try yoga) but I also wanted to try something out of the usual… Finally, I decided to join the intergen and until now I can’t stop telling everyone about it.

A beautiful and perfect place for reflection or our famous term "hanapin ang sarili" in Rizal

A beautiful and perfect place for reflection or our famous term “hanapin ang sarili” in Rizal

It may sound cliché but, it really changed me in a very positive way. Yes, I can understand other people better now but I have understood myself more. SELF LOVE should always comes first.

Self love. Self love. Self love.

It may sound selfish but then again if you love yourself more, you can give more love to others. You will not be afraid to be alone because you are comfortable with yourself. You don’t always seek for other’s approval because you are tough enough to say “I love myself.”

The perfect reflection place after letting it all go.  I swear one of the best feelings in the world.

The perfect reflection place after letting it all go. I swear one of the best feelings in the world.

The facilitators of the program are from Reintegration For Care And Wholeness Foundation Inc. (RCWFI). The team is headed by Ms. Harriett Hormillosa. We are enrolled in the “Reparenting the child within” program. I never thought that going back to the “little you” can actually give a really different perspective in one’s life.

Ms. Harriet during one of our discussions

Ms. Harriet during one of our discussions

Because of intergen, I learned to say goodbye. Goodbye to my old self, goodbye to that little Kit who was so afraid of life. A scared girl who always thought that she is not good enough… that she will never be enough.

I have cried buckets of tears but I have never cried the hagulgol way. And, yes it happened here. I remember that on our first cry-fest activity my head hurts because I was trying to avoid pain. The facilitators told us that ganyan talaga kapag pinipigilan ang iyak, sumasakit ang ulo! I still don’t want to let go and I keep on telling myself that I AM OKAY. I am already okay so I don’t have to let go anything. 🙂 Yes, I am that stubborn! 🙂 But, slowly as hours passed I started to feel it all.

No, Intergen is not just about crying. It is recognizing that you have felt pain, you acknowledge that you were hurt and you were angry. You will tell to yourself all those things. You will feel all the pain again until you realize that you don’t want it anymore and you are ready to let it go because you want to live a new life.

Group 4 after the life-changing activity. I thank God for them :)

Group 4 after the life-changing activity. I thank God for them 🙂

I am not big on opening myself with strangers but the intergen taught me how. After the seminar, they are not strangers anymore but, new found family. People who doesn’t know everything about you but still recognizes your pain. They’ve seen a deeper part of you that you always hide from others but you know that they’ll never judge you because you’ve also seen a deeper part of them. You do not feel pity for them but respect. Because despite all the pain, depression, anger, sadness, and loneliness, they still choose to live and be strong.

The past may have hurt you but there will come a time in your life wherein you will feel that you don’t want these negativity to be included in your future, anymore. The seminar will not erase all the painful past in a snap of the fingers but it will be the start of a new you. You may have relapses while you’re doing the process but by surrounding yourself with optimistic people will make the journey easier.

My Group 4 loves

My Group 4 loves

We're all smiles now

We’re all smiles now


The Intergen Group


So here’s to a new and more optimistic you! 🙂


— I know that I should have written about this the moment the seminar finished but time wouldn’t let me. So let me just make this, one of my year-end posts and a time to finally share this new blog in public.–

So there. 🙂


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