It is time.

If not now, then when?

I started a blog when I was still in high school then I decided to change the name to The Land of What Might Have Beens in reference of my favorite Wicked song “I’m not that girl.” This blog made me express myself better even though, there are times that it made me cringe whenever I reread some posts for the minor and MAJOR grammar mistakes I made .

I should really shut it down but I can’t. It is me. I have few followers and commenters (some are real friends) there who appreciated my posts. It has too many memories that I cannot let go. So funny that a Journalism Student commits too many grammar mistakes but I can’t help it… I was a student when I started that blog so I was too caught up in the moment every time I write. Now, that I’m starting a new space online. I will always go back to that blog to remind myself that even if I’m working my way to something better, I can still make mistakes and learn from it.

I just hope I am right on starting this new space. I left the old one because I believe that this time, I am more definite on what I want.

If I won’t start now, I will just waste my time … just dreaming.

I want to turn my dreams into my reality. NOW.